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What is Data Cuckoo?

Data Breach Detection for everyone

Data Cuckoo offers an incredibly easy-to-use, automated service to detect data leaks or breaches for just £29 per year.

Whether the leak occurs through a malicious attack on your website or computer network, through a breach at a cloud partner you trust with your data, or simply through staff error - such as loss of a phone, laptop or portable USB drive - Data Cuckoo will let you know.

Who is Data Cuckoo for?

Data Cuckoo is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses. If you are concerned about the risk of customer or corporate data leaks but fear your company lacks the level of IT sophistication or budget to implement a solution, Data Cuckoo is for you.

It also helps you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation's (GDPR) requirement for "robust breach detection".

Data Breaches are the #1 security concern for businesses since 2017:


Increase in breaches since 2016


Average cost of an SME data breach

191 days

Average time to discover a breach


Known data breaches in UK in 2018

How does Data Cuckoo work?

We're a little different from other security products.

Instead of expensive and complicated security hardware attempting to keep attackers out of your office network, phone and website, we provide a service that continually scans the Internet for evidence of a breach of your data having occurred. If we find your data, we immediately contact you and help you report the incident within the GDPR guidelines.

Data Cuckoo creates a special trackable customer for you to add to your mailing lists, websites, accounts, customer database and even e-commerce store. They’re never in your way, just a dormant customer, but this customer acts like a GPS tracker for us - allowing us to constantly check that your data is staying under your control and is not being used or shared online - or lost by a third-party you trusted with your data.

Data Cuckoo offers unparalleled breach detection:

7 days

Avg. time taken for Data Cuckoo to detect a breach

10 minutes

Avg. time to detect use of our trackable data on "paste" sites

3 trillion

Web pages checked by our search partners

450 +

Businesses partner with us to protect their data

What happens when Data Cuckoo detects a Data Breach?

If your data is stolen or misplaced and shared or used on the Internet, we will detect our trackable customer hidden in your information and raise the alarm - initially by email and text but also by phone if we don’t hear from you within 24 hours.

We’ll also help you appraise the data leak, attempt to identify the source and support you when reporting it to the ICO.

Also, if you're a business owner that likes to take a well-deserved break, we will report the breach on your behalf if we cannot get hold of you within 48 hours of us discovering the breach - allowing you to comply with the GDPR requirement even in your absence.

Don't worry : we offer a 30-day money back Guarantee if you're not completely happy.